Welcome to The Cosmic Rust Cel Archive. Here you will find cels and production drawings from some of my favorite cartoons. Artwork on this site comes from a variety of cartoons including Transformers (my childhood favorite), G.I. Joe, Heavy Metal and Family Guy (my current favorite). Anybody that grew up in the 80's knows of Transformers and G.I. Joe. I encourage anyone who hasn't tried Family Guy to do so. It is an outstanding show that spoofs practically everything cool, including Transformers. If you have any pieces to sell or trade feel free to send me a feedback. I enjoy pieces that form a sequence as you can see in my collection. I also enjoy cels where some kind of action is taking place. CAUTION: THE HEAVY METAL GALLERIES CONTAIN NUDITY. IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY SUCH, PLEASE AVOID THESE GALLERIES!
Thanks and enjoy the artwork.

News & Updates

4/28/2013Added a new cel from Transformers the Movie of The Chaos Bringer and also another piece of the Galvatron piloting Cyclonus sequence. I always love reuniting pieces of a cel sequence. Lastly, I added a pair of storyboards from the original Transformers three parter, More Than Meets the Eye.
4/4/2012Added a new cel of an iconic moment in Transformers history to the movie page along with five matching drawings for five of the cels in the Megatron Sequence Gallery. I was very happy to reunite those with their sequence.

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Title Last Updated
Family Guy 6/12/2008
Family Guy Storyboards 7/16/2004
G.I. Joe 7/24/2012
Heavy Metal 9/19/2006
Heavy Metal 2000 5/2/2004
The Real Ghostbusters 4/26/2004
Transformers Production Drawings 11/8/2011
Kranix's Lab from Transformers The Movie 7/28/2011
More Than Meets the Eye Storyboards 4/28/2013
Cosmic Rust Storyboards 3/25/2005
Cyclonus Transformation Sequence 12/5/2003
Galvatron Sequence from Transformers the Movie 4/28/2013
Megatron Sequence from Transformers the Movie 8/8/2009
Original Transformers Sketches and Commissions 11/20/2011
Star Wars Clone Wars 1/2/2006
Transformers Cels 12/17/2011
Transformers Comic Art and Covers 12/14/2007

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